Dianne Haney

Vice President, Operations and Finance

Dianne serves as the Compliance and Licensing Officer for the Haney Company and Financial Operations Chief. Dianne brings depth of experience to these positions which help facilitate Client programs.

Prior to the Haney Company, Dianne was Licensing Manager for Jack Zima Associates’ (JZA) Life & Health and Property & Casualty programs for all 50 states as well as providing securities licensing for individuals.

Dianne also served as Treasurer for Robert E. Torray & Company, investment management firm. She was the Compliance Officer with Acacia Insurance Company’s Broker Dealer, W.S. Griffith & Company. Previous to that, she was Operations Manager for Eastman Dillon Union Securities and Company.

Dianne created the first conference for NIDS software users, which grew to the National Association of NIDS Users. Dianne served as its first President.

Dianne is a member of Congressional Country Club. She resides in Silver Spring, MD with her husband Allen Haney.

“I’ve never felt like the broker was actually on my side before.”

Carla Balakgie,
CAE National Automatic Merchandising Association